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FORWARD STEPS Kelly Yankle (left) works with David Tlaiye and Sara Scherer during a rehearsal of Ne Me Quitte Pas. Photo courtesy of Sarasota Ballet DANCERS SHOW INCREASING PROMISE WITH THEIR OWN CHOREOGRAPHY IN SARASOTA BALLET'S LATEST THEATRE OF DREAMS By Elinor Rogosin A&E Writer I have been skeptical about the Theatre of Dreams programs of the Sarasota Ballet, feeling that it was not fair to include works by fledging choreographers in a subscription series. However, I am slowly changing my view. The opportunity does give the dancers in the company a chance to stretch their creative ambitions; and there have been surprises in the past three years. Ricardo Graziano, in particular, has emerged as a promising choreographer who will be represented by both a new work and a reprisal during the upcoming season. Though I still have doubts, the overall variety and level of the choreography have grown with each presentation, and I am beginning to enjoy the fun and excitement of discovering new talent. On Oct. 25, I joined the loyal ballet-goers who were busy greeting one another in the foyer of the Florida State University Center for the Performing Arts at The Ringling after the long hot summer, while the dancers were getting ready to prove that their choreographic dreams would result in an intriguing evening of dance. Opening the program, Gitana Galop, Kate Honea's sunny ballet, recreated the world of Johann Strauss II (Five Gallops from Kettentanz) in a set that resembled an

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