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Siesta Seen ONE MORE STEP IS NEEDED BEFORE 'NO PARKING' SIGNS GO UP ON AVENIDA DE MAYO; THE STORMWATER PROJECT SHOULD STAY WITHIN ITS BUDGET; AND THE SIESTA KEY ASSOCIATION VEEP WILL BE HONORED BY THE COUNTY By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor As it turns out, new parking measures on Avenida de Mayo cannot be implemented until they have gone through one more step at the County Commission level, I learned this week. Preisser, a county spokesman, discovered on Oct. 29 that the board still will have to approve a resolution "memorializing" its Oct. 23 action. However, Preisser was unable to learn a timeline for when that will take place. Although the commissioners voted unanimously last week to direct staff to follow It should be a relatively simple process to Fire Chief Mike Tobias' recommendations to get the signs up once the resolution wins create "No Parking" zones on the street, Curt approval, he indicated. A sign put out in March on Avenida de Mayo alerted the public to a forthcoming Sarasota County Traffic Advisory Council discussion of parking issues on the street. File photo

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