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A NEW GAME AFOOT Although known for its pool, Arlington Park has a gym where pickleball has become a new passion. Photo courtesy Sarasota County. (Inset) A pickleball game is under way in the Arlington Park gym. Photo by Harriet Cuthbert A TENNIS BUFF GETS AN INTRODUCTION TO PICKLEBALL By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer There is a new game in town. Some might call charge of carving out the paddles from leftit a sport, but I am not ready to make that over wood in his storage area. He created two leap yet. similar styles, and both resembled racquetball paddles. It is played with a large paddle, either wooden or man-made, on a court, and it uses Wiffle In addition, for marketing their new product, balls. It is usually played by four people at a the men designed a large cardboard box that time. The name of this wild and crazy game is contained the equipment, and they put beaupickleball. tiful color photos of themselves and their wives on the box covers. Most importantly, Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three male they named their game after one of the men's friends who lived on Bainbridge Island, WA. dogs — Pickles. The real reason they came up with this pastime was to amuse their teenage children who I "discovered" pickleball by accident. My were bored during a vacation and wanted a longtime tennis friend, Ellendar, emailed me little more excitement. One of the men took one day that she was giving up our favorite

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