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Sarasota News Leader November 8, 2013 Page 35 county had completed an "initial discussion" of special interests. The Sarasota Heraldwith the state over removing "the 'claw-back' Tribune reported in 2012 that Scott's office had "demanded" a clawback agreement as language." part of the funding. "That's definitely part of the discussion," confirms county Parks and Recreation Director But Brown says the state is "open and flexCarolyn Brown. When the project received $5 ible to having that removed" this year. million from lawmakers in 2012, no clawback Cunningham's email indicated that the state language was included, she points out. "The needed "about 1-week to discuss and decide original agreement did not have that particu- internally." lar clause in it, and the thought process is that While the details won't be revealed till the since this is ongoing funding, we would prefer agreement is brought to the Sarasota County that that clause not be in future agreements." Commission for approval, if the state accepts Debate over the wisdom of the rowing facil- the plan, it would mean the state would have ity grants has been hot around the state. Gov. no way of recouping its investment in the Rick Scott vetoed funding for the park in rowing facility if economic development pre2011, but he eventually approved $10 million dictions fail to pan out. over the past two years. Florida Tax Watch, a nonprofit Tallahassee research institute, has included the funding in its annual list of budget "turkeys," items that have been inserted into the state budget at the behest Asked about the possible agreement, County Commissioner Christine Robinson declines to speculate about whether the board would support it. "Until I get the final document in front of me that we're going to approve, it's Visitors watch a student regatta in 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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