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Sarasota News Leader November 8, 2013 Page 42 Brown added, "This particular property provides an opportunity for addressing the longstanding need in the area." The emergence in the county of newly popular sports such as lacrosse has resulted in fans of different activities competing for the same fields at existing county parks. The park would enable the county to create a "sense of place" for the Newtown community, she added. The location is also close to nearby colleges and bus routes. "It wouldn't impact any programs that are currently planned, but if any other projects came along, the cash flow might not be there," Murphy replied. "We are projecting 191 percent cash over expenditures," Murphy responded. "Our cash flow is more than significant to cover all the debt service and to cover immediate improvements to the plan." THE UTILITY SYSTEM The other major component of the Dolomite deal is the purchase of its utility system and Commissioner Christine Robinson asked the customers. The County Commission had county financial planners participating in previously voted to move forward with that the presentation how the acquisition could initiative. impact other projects that would be funded Previous projections showed the utility systhrough surtax dollars. tem would pay for itself through its current "I want to understand the risks involved," customer payments. Patterson asked if that Robinson said. projection was still accurate. The county has looked at other, smaller properties, but the cost was higher for them, Patterson noted that Dolomite customers have higher utility bills than other Sarasota Brown noted. County customers have for the same services. The locale, adjacent to the Newtown Estates Park and close to Emma E. Booker "They are paying 20 percent more than county rates," Murphy concurred. Elementary School and Booker High School, would provide a place for students to par- The plan is to drop those rates over a fiveticipate in sports after school, Brown said. year period, he added. % Someone you know needs Planned Parenthood • Lifesaving cancer screenings • Parent & teen education • Annual GYN exams • Birth control Planned Parenthood Of Southwest And Central Florida • Sarasota 941-953-4060 •

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