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Sarasota News Leader November 8, 2013 "back-dated," but on Monday the city attorney said a new base year could be established. "We can do that by ordinance," said Bob Fournier. "We could change it to 2014." Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown said he had checked with the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's Office. "We could set the base to 2013," Brown said, "and start collecting any increment in 2014." "Let's get it done," said Vice Mayor Willie Shaw. SALT IN THE WOUND When a local newspaper editorial suggested a consultant hired by the city and county to examine the issue of homelessness and vagrancy has already made up his mind where Page 49 to put a new shelter, at least two city commissioners started a slow burn. Vice Mayor Shaw and Commissioner Susan Chapman have been adamant they do not want such a facility in the city. Consultant Robert Marbut is scheduled to deliver his report on Nov. 25 — in Venice in the morning and in Sarasota in the afternoon. Chapman suggested he leaked an early version to the newspaper. "The editorial board seems to have a copy. And the editorial says north Sarasota has been picked for a triage center," she said. "Maybe Marbut doesn't know who he's working for," replied Shaw, who holds a north Sarasota district seat. "Those I represent have not had the opportunity to state anything. I'm taking back from what we're hearing [that] Homeless people sit on the sidewalk outside Five Points Park, which was undergoing improvements, in May. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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