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This week is another one of those with a wealth of diverse topics — an abundance of riches, if you will. For several days we have sat on pins and needles, waiting to see whether anyone would beat us to a scoop Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker landed: the release of the draft analysis of the fiscal neutrality facet of the county's 2050 Plan. I have seen the story nowhere else as I type this, which means we owe a big debt of gratitude to the source who provided it to us. County Editor Roger Drouin has his own scoop about a big court ruling that went in the county's favor — which will save all of us taxpayers money. City Editor Stan Zimmerman has remained vigilant on topics no one else covers — another tremendous boon to our readers. And so much is happening on Siesta Key, I could not begin to include it all in my latest version of Siesta Seen. This also is another unusual week in terms of our Sarasota Leisure section's bounty: master sand sculptors on Siesta, a heartwarming story about a prison ministry program, another exquisite essay and series of photos from contributor Fran Palmeri, Rick Wielgorecki's monthly gardening advice and two big photo spreads — the latter thanks to Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel, Stan Zimmerman and Robert Hackney. One note I must make, though, is that without the extraordinary skills of Copy Editor Vicki Chatley and Production Manager Cleve Posey, this issue could not possibly pack as much impact. Editor and Publisher

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