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IN THE HOMESTRETCH The CRA Extension Study Committee members work during their Oct. 8 meeting. Photo by Stan Zimmerman WITH ITS REPORT DUE TO THE CITY AND COUNTY COMMISSIONS IN JANUARY, THE COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AREA EXTENSION STUDY COMMITTEE WILL START SETTLING ON THE FINAL DETAILS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The research has been done. The stepby-step methodology is finished. For the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Extension Study Committee, the easy part is complete. Now it is time to start making decisions. Late Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 12, the committee took stock of its efforts since June. "We're at a bit of a crossroads here," said Vice Chairman Chris Gallagher. The committee adopted a decision-tree technique to frame its research and discussions. Each "limb" led to several "branches," which led to even smaller "twigs" at times, as the members refined their thinking based upon the experiences of CRAs in other communities as well as the City of Sarasota's So the gist of the next meeting is u n d e r s t a n d i n g o f its own Community us making a bunch of decisions. Redevelopment Area. Chris Gallagher Member CRA Extension Study Committee The CRA is a tax scheme diverting property tax revenue from

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