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LET IT BE A segment of North Beach Road is blocked off in late October 2012 after wind and wave action from the Superstorm Sandy system caused part of the street to collapse. File photo GIVEN THE ESTIMATED COSTS OF MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS TO STABILIZE NORTH BEACH ROAD, SIESTA'S COUNTY COMMISSIONER PREFERS THE 'MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE' OPTION By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Almost exactly a year ago, Sarasota County The staff recommendation: "the No-Action Commissioner Nora Patterson won support alternative, to monitor and maintain North from her fellow board members for an inde- Beach Road as is." pendent engineering analysis of North Beach Patterson told The Sarasota News Leader on Road on Siesta Key. Late last month, that Nov. 14 that she is fully supportive of that. report was delivered, along with a staff memo Her primary reaction to the memo's options for making the fragile pointing out that estiroad segment more mates for most options I really wasn't expecting something durable is "that's an ranged from more than awful lot of money to $2 million to more of this magnitude. do something that's than $3 million to staNora Patterson actually contrary to bilize the structure Commissioner Sarasota County our comprehensive under assault by wind plan." and waves.

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