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DUE PROCESS DENIED Marie Winkelman in her home. Photo courtesy of Beverly Newman SARASOTA HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR FIGHTS INCAPACITY RULING By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Sarasota resident and 88-year-old Holocaust survivor Marie Winkelman is challenging a guardianship ruling designating her as incapacitated, a ruling one activist working hard to publicize the case calls all too common. anti-Semitism, escaped the Warsaw ghetto and lost her entire family in the Holocaust. At 19, at the end of World War II, she was utterly alone, with "no family, not one person," she told her interviewer. According to an interview she gave in her There's a rush to judgment Bird Key home in 1987, Winkelman was born against elders. in Włocławek, a town Beverly Newman in northern Poland, Director Al Katz Center for Holocaust Survivors & to what she called a Jewish Learning "well-off" if "not rich" family. She grew up in an era of vicious The conversation was recorded as part of an effort by the SarasotaManatee chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women to document local Holocaust experiences. Winkelman later expanded on

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