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Sarasota News Leader January 10, 2014 consideration permitting requirements and design work, the order of construction for the stations puts the University Parkway project second in line, according to the Dec. 10 memo. Page 55 Some of that reduction in expense is related to the use of fire and emergency services impact fees for Fire Station No. 17, Interim County Administrator Tom Harmer explained. Part of the agenda item the board approved In response to a question from Commissioner included a budget amendment to transfer Nora Patterson, Hoag pointed out that while $731,161 in Sheriff's Office impact fees to the initial cost estimates indicated the county project. would need to borrow about $8 million to THE NAME AND OTHER DETAILS cover the total cost of the projects, the amount would be closer to $5 million. "We feel very When Commissioner Joe Barbetta suggested fortunate that we are in a good situation," he a shorter name might be found for the new added. University Parkway station, Hoag replied," I The design of Fire Station No. 12 on Bee Ridge Road could be similar to that of Fire Station No. 3 on St. Armands Circle. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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