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CRIME BLOTTER North Water Tower Park is located in north Sarasota. Image from Google Maps. (Inset) Deacon Clark/ Contributed photo INVESTIGATION CONTINUING IN OFFICER-RELATED SHOOTING Two officers with the Sarasota Police Department remained on administrative leave following an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Jan. 5, the department reported on Jan. 7. Officer Terry Crenshaw and Officer Adam Barlow have both been with the Sarasota Police Department since January 2012 and have not been involved in any other similar incidents, a news release says. 

 from residents about narcotics and prostitution in that area, the release adds, so officers have increased their presence there. 
 While on their bicycles, Crenshaw and Barlow encountered Clark in the park, the release says. The officers identified themselves to Clark, the release points out. "Crenshaw and Barlow said Clark had a gun in his hand and as they ordered him to drop [it], Clark pointed [it] in a threatening manner at [them]," the release says. Crenshaw and Barlow fired, wounding Clark, but they continued to order him to drop the gun, the release adds. 

 The deceased suspect in the case has been identified as Deacon Clark, 30, with a last known address of 1281 N. Riverside Drive, Sarasota, the release notes. EMS workers who arrived on the scene attempted to revive Clark but were unsucOn Jan. 5, Crenshaw and Barlow were on cessful, the release continues. bicycle patrol just after 10 p.m. in the neighborhood around North Water Tower Park in The release notes, "No other information will north Sarasota, the release continues. The be released at this time," as the investigation Police Department has received complaints is proceeding.

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