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Sarasota News Leader January 17, 2014 Page 20 "I'd like to see how that [roundabout] really would work to solve a pedestrian problem," Patterson told the News Leader last week. Her experience, she added, was that while they have a calming effect on traffic, "I'm not so sure these roundabouts on busy streets favor pedestrians." Patterson added that people on foot, "with no [stoplight] to rely on," sometimes feel threatened by roundabout traffic, uncertain whether the vehicles will stop for them. "I'd like to see how [the Beach Road/Midnight Pass Road design] really would work to solve a pedestrian problem." Kay Kouvatsos, vice president of the Siesta Key Village Association (SKVA) and co-owner of Village A pedestrian who wishes to use one of the new crosswalks on Midnight Pass Road pushes a button to flash 'wig-wag' lights to alert drivers to stop. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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