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Sarasota News Leader January 17, 2014 Page 43 at different points and times," along with and, I think, for the neighbors around Bob's Sheriff's deputies. Boathouse … the issue as I see it has to do with Certificate of Occupancy (CO) versus Staff is monitoring progress on the punch list non-CO issues versus quality-of-life issues items, Polk added. that may arise as a result of the particular Commissioner Joe Barbetta then raised a business that is involved." point about the application in current use for She added, "That has to be resolved and conany business seeking a county TCO. According nected to us as the policymakers [and] to the to a discussion he had with Assistant County greater community as well." Attorney David Pearce, Barbetta said, the County Attorney's Office "has claimed no Commissioner Patterson pointed out, "If in knowledge of this document, so I'm just con- the past we have allowed some TCOs to drag fused as to who prepared it. … I definitely on further than they should, hopefully, that's want an answer as to whether this is a legal not the rule. At some point, all these issues document or not." need to be tied up, and it shouldn't be a year from now; it should be pretty quick." He added that his fear is "we're going to end up buying some litigation …" Polk told the board that over the past three years, 66 TCOs were given to businesses County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh replied "while the final site issues were being comthat his office did not provide the TCO applipleted." He added, "For the most part, I think cation, "to my knowledge." we've had a lot of successes." "I've got real problems with that," Barbetta responded. "I've got real problems with what's When Barbetta asked for clarification about whether county staff still is using going on with this whole thing." the TCO application he referenced earlier, "I hear you loud and clear," Commissioner Polk confirmed that. "This is an application Carolyn Mason told Barbetta, "but, for me, that is utilized no different than a rezoning The county's Sound and Air Pollution Ordinance includes a chart with permissible noise levels according to land use category. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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