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Sarasota News Leader January 17, 2014 Page 44 application," Polk responded. "We do wish to get this codified, and we hope to do this in a short time. I feel we can't stop the TCO process for this one error. There's a lot of upcoming TCO considerations I think that this board would not want us to stop." After Barbetta pointed out that the application refers to the discretion of the Building Official to grant TCOs, Patterson said, "But 'discretion' means there is discretion," and when county staff encounters a situation in which a business has difficulty complying DeMarsh told the commissioners, "Our legal with regulations, "'discretion' means it doesn't advice would be that you have, over the course drag on forever." of many years, a procedure that has been used by your Building Official. … We think that you Polk said he believes area developers need should ultimately amend the codes to incor- to be involved in the process of changing the porate more standards with respect to TCOs. building code. He planned his first meeting But in the interim, it would be our view that applying past practice consistently into the with such a group that day, he added, "to start the conversation." future is what you would do." A memo from Planning and Development Services Director Tom Polk shows part of the proposed changes involving issuance of Certificates of Occupancy. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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