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Sarasota News Leader January 17, 2014 storm hit New Orleans in 2005, so the agency could not be sued over any of the damages resulting from the failure of its levees to protect property. "If something does go wrong, we may have difficulty seeking money from them," Miller said. A WHOLE SYSTEM Miller is calling for a strategy that takes into account Sarasota County's shoreline, and not just certain areas of beach. That plan should focus on how to address high storm tides that could impact other areas. "We need a strategy for the whole system that includes St. Armands," Miller said. Page 57 associations that have an interest in the plan, and the topic is slated to come up again at a County Commission meeting in March. At the Dec. 5 SKA meeting, Corps representatives told the approximately 100 people in the audience that they expected to release a report soon that would show the expected impacts on Siesta Key of the Lido Beach Renourishment Project. Additionally, Milan A. Mora, the project manager for the Corps, said agency representatives hoped to submit an application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in late January or early February to obtain the necessary state permits for the work. According to SKA President Catherine Luckner this week, one reason the Corps has not proceeded with its application is the need for an Environmental Assessment (EA) that must find either no significant environmental impact or the need for a more complex study. As for Lido Key, erosion appears primarily to be a problem on a 4,000-foot stretch of the beach, particularly where two hotels appear to jet out toward the waterline; yet, the $22 million project takes some drastic steps to protect an isolated stretch, Miller said. The simpler approach of continuing to renourish The project has other hurdles to overcome. areas of the beach that experience erosion, Mora also has pointed out that he has no idea when Congress will make the federal money he argued, has been "proven to work." available for the work. Additionally, many The Corps' proposed new Lido project, how- Siesta residents concerned about the Corps' ever, appears to be moving ahead. interest in Big Pass are demanding an indeFederal officials will continue to hold pendent peer review of the Corps' report and workshops to talk to boaters and various modeling when all the material is available. % Tonya Herschberger & Linda Keefe "After a terrible accident I required surgery. Tonya shared with me that Dr. Koval was responsible for her beautiful smile. She gave me hope and direction. I'm so grateful to Dr, Koval. Now I have a smile that I love to share with everyone." For a complimentary consultation call 941.923.5406 | Christine Koval, D.M.D. |

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