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Sarasota News Leader January 17, 2014 During their first regular meeting since Dec. 9, the North Port board members also voted 4-1 this week, concurring with the County Commission's December action. Commissioner Cheryl Cook was in the minority. However, comments by City Manager Jonathan Lewis generated considerable discussion at the County Commission dais a day later. THE CITY DISCUSSION Page 59 such action. "That's normal course for us," he added of the insertion of the language. Vice Mayor Rhonda DiFranco clarified for the audience that if the City Commission voted specifically to include the wording about the extension in the bid, the matter would have to go back to the County Commission for concurrence. Nonetheless, DiFranco said, if the two boards found themselves approaching Sept. 1 with indications the springs would have to close again unless an extension were approved, the two boards could work with the short-term operator on renewing the contract. On Jan. 13, Lewis explained to his board that the draft of the Request for Bids for a shortterm manager contained language indicating Mayor James Blucher did point out, "The county the contract could be extended beyond Sept. was very adamant about that date [of Sept. 1]," 1 if the firm and the two boards agreed to with no plans for allowing an extension. Members of the North Port City Commission are (from left) Vice Mayor Rhonda DiFranco, Mayor James Blucher and Commissioners Linda Yates, Cheryl Cook and Tom Jones. Photo courtesy City of North Port

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