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THE END OF THE BEGINNING The original goal of the Downtown Sarasota Community Redevelopment Agency was to remove blight from that part of the city. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE COMMITTEE STUDYING THE FUTURE OF THE DOWNTOWN SARASOTA COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (CRA) AGREES ON A 30-YEAR EXTENSION AND SAYS THE NEWTOWN CRA SHOULD HAVE EQUAL FUNDING SUPPORT FROM THE CITY AND COUNTY By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The heavy lifting is done. The suggestions million in county tax dollars annually to spend for the future of Sarasota's Community downtown as it sees fit. Sarasota County comRedevelopment Agency (CRA) are finished. missioners would like to have those dollars, Now the study committee that worked on now and in the future, too. This is a big issue that issue is turning its attention to convinc- — perhaps the biggest of 2014 — because we are talking about 30 ing a pair of elected years and more than local government The downtown plan hasn't been half a billion dollars boards to accept their updated in 15 years. overall. recommendations. It may be an easy "sell" to the Sarasota City Commission, which is getting more than $4 Andy Dorr Chairman Downtown Sarasota Community Redevelopment Agency Extension Study Committee Up to now the members of the Downtown Sarasota Community Redevelopment Area

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