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OPINION CITY OF SARASOTA NEEDS ALL CITIZENS ACTIVELY INVOLVED EDITORIAL An old joke has a newspaper reporter approaching a voter, asking him, "How do you respond to the assertion that most voters are ignorant and apathetic?" Despite the hope we expressed here a year ago that more qualified citizens would step forward and offer themselves as candidates for the City Commission, only the six candidates already announced actually filed. And The voter replies, "I don't know, and I don't while all of the candidates were serious in their desire to win election, not all were sericare!" ous choices for the voters. As news has spread that yet another attempt is being made to alter the City of Sarasota's That was reflected, sadly, in the first round government, this time with a from-scratch of balloting on March 12, when barely 17 replacement of the existing city charter, one percent of registered voters straggled to the has to wonder if it is not more prudent to look polls. The runoff election, which decided at the root causes of the city's issues. And the the two new commissioners from among the primary focus should be on a disconnected three finalists, was not much better: Not even and uncaring citizenry. one-in-five voters bothered to cast a ballot.

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