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Sarasota News Leader January 24, 2014 Page 82 notify everyone that the audience is being She begins to "call" the show. "House lights seated: "Ladies and gentlemen, the house is to half," she tells the lighting director, who is awaiting cues in the control booth. open! Fifteen minutes please." When I worked as a stage manager for the Hampton Theatre Company on Long Island, I was told by a friend, "The director proposes. The stage manager disposes." I thought it would be fun to ask Kelli Karen, production Then it is time for the final call, "Places stage manager for Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, what she thought of that advice. I please!" was lucky to catch her during "tech week" The stage manager takes her position, adjusts (also known as "hell week") just before Monty her headset and takes a deep breath. She Python's Spamalot opened this season. has memorized every word and notation for "Yes," she agreed, "except that I would say the action in the show. Traditionally on opening director, the artistic director, the music direcnight, the director leaves town. It is all up to tor and the production manager propose, and the stage manager disposes." her now. All respond, except for one person frantically searching for the property mistress. Would she retrieve the shoes he left in the front row of the orchestra, please? Why not look for the name of the stage manager in your theatre program and ask for an autograph! Photo by Fran Palmeri

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