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Sarasota News Leader January 24, 2014 The city commissioners split 3-2 on a Dec. 2 vote to allow the six-month pilot program. Mayor Shannon Snyder and Commissioners Suzanne Atwell and Paul Caragiulo were in the majority. Atwell told a reporter during the Jan. 17 Convocation of Governments at Sarasota County Technical Institute that she was excited about the project getting under way, adding with a laugh that she was brushing up on Chopsticks. Page 86 release points out. Six Sarasota artists were selected, with the help of curator Tim Jaeger, to craft the pianos "into works of public art," the release adds. The artists were Jack Dowd, Richard Capes, Gale Fulton-Ross, Steven Strenk, Cassia Kite and Lori Loveberry George. Kite and Jaeger partnered on one of the pianos. His observations from walking along Main Local businesses and individuals "chipped in Street this week, Shirley told the News Leader, to sponsor and host the pianos," the Alliance indicate a warm public response. Some Gale Fulton-Ross was among the participating visual artists chosen for the project. The theme for her piano is Secret Life of a Circle. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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