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CONTENTS Vol. 2, No. 24 — February 28, 2014 'AN OLD SORE' ROLLING FORWARD NEWS & COMMENTARY 'AN OLD SORE' 9 A majority of current county commissioners would consider charging visitors, but not residents, to park at the beaches — Rachel Brown Hackney ROLLING FORWARD 15 The County Commission moves ahead with further study of privatizing its bus service and discusses the concept of moving the downtown transfer station — Roger Drouin ON YOUR MARK, GET SET … 22 Campaign season arrives for four Republican Sarasota County Commission candidates — Cooper Levey-Baker FIRST LOOK 27 In Step One of the latest budget process, the County Commission looks at the 2015 fiscal year plan and prepares for the challenge of a projected 2016 deficit — Roger Drouin YET ANOTHER DELAY 36 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has pushed back until late April the release of its models and reports on the proposed dredging of Big Pass — Rachel Brown Hackney AWAITING A COURT DATE 42 The attorney for Bob's Boathouse says the establishment is making progress on a county list of items that must be completed if the restaurant is to stay open — Rachel Brown Hackney AN AMBITIOUS SCHEDULE 48 A request for long-term proposals for Warm Mineral Springs probably will not be advertised before April, though the resort could reopen just for swimming that same month — Rachel Brown Hackney DEAL ALMOST SEALED 56 After two-plus years of negotiations, Teamsters approve contract with Sarasota County — Cooper Levey-Baker TABLE OF CONTENTS Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Credit: Here's the pitch - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: Credit: Green Grotto - Robert Hackney

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