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Organizing for Action certainly lived up to its name Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 26. It pulled together a handful of people to stage a protest outside the old Federal Building at Orange Avenue and Ringling Boulevard in downtown Sarasota. Except it was not a protest. "We're here to help pass [President Barak] Obama's plat- form," said organizer Malorie Sneed. The group is one of about 200 across the county that coalesced out of the 2012 presi- dential campaign. "The 2013 State of the Union Address is our platform," she added. "Climate change, gun violence, women's issues, education, jobs, housing." For about an hour, as people began to leave downtown in the late afternoon, they were greeted by hand-lettered signs urging progres- sive thinking. In today's often hateful political climate, it was good to see activism with a smile. % Sarasota's chapter of Organizing for Action took its pro-Obama message to the streets Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 26. Photo by Stan Zimmerman GROUP PROMOTES THE PRESIDENT'S PLATFORM A POSITIVE SPIN By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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