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I had to chuckle this week when City Editor Stan Zimmerman sent an email saying that if we were still operating in the good old days of the Pelican Press, I would be swatting him. The reason: His City Commission stories came in a bit long. A print publication editor almost assuredly would have cut them or asked him to do so. Fortunately, the News Leader does not have such a concern. I prefer to err, if you will, on the side of providing too much detail instead of not enough. And this week provided us plenty of fodder for detail. The homelessness topic was at the forefront this week, with both Stan and County Editor Roger Drouin on the beat. The County Commission's revision of its noise ordinance also is one of our top stories. (I am long overdue in pointing out that without Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker's assistance, I probably would be bald from tear- ing out my hair every week, trying to figure out the priority of our articles.) And speaking of Cooper: He took on two as- signments for this issue that I have not seen covered elsewhere: Control Growth Now's recognition of former County Administrator Randy Reid as Citizen of the Year and the re- marks Strong Towns President and Found- er Chuck Marohn made to members of the Sarasota County Coalition of Neighborhood Organizations. Cooper also dealt with Sarasota 2050 and the county contract for operations of Na- than Benderson Park. Thankfully, on the light side, Harriet Cuth- bert has a delightful story about South- eastern Guide Dogs. If you find canines cuddly, do not miss this story! Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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