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ground] and starting again, would you be able to rebuild to today's density and height?" she asked. His understanding, Wreford told her, is that if a complex were destroyed by a storm — "an act of God kind of situation" — "for the vast majority of cases … almost always, the same number of units would be allowed to be rebuilt." That was when Patterson told him it was her understanding that other areas working on PDRPs have chosen to recommend less den sity during the rebuilding process. However, she told Wreford, "I'm assuming you're not making that recommendation," based on his earlier comments. "At this moment in the draft, we do not have language that changes what the normal code would provide for," Wreford said. Then people would be able to rebuild the com plexes as the structures exist today, Patterson clarified his answer. While that is correct, Wreford confirmed, he said part of the discussion with the County Commission will focus on policy direction for the PDRP. A map shows facets of pre- and post-disaster planning and response. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader April 11, 2014 Page 67

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