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The Wednesday morning, April 16, meeting of the City of Sarasota Development Review Committee was an uncharacteristically swift one. Two pro- posals were aired, and one was approved in less than two minutes. The committee had previously considered a six-unit develop- ment at 1343 Fourth St. called Aegis Court. T h e p r o j e c t w a s approved to proceed in the Downtown Edge zoning category, and the sign-off sheet was circulated to depart- ment representatives. B e c a u s e t h e c o m - m i t t e e 's p r e v i o u s concerns were sat- isfied, the approval required one minute and 45 seconds. The second proposal w a s n o t n e a r l y a s straightforward. The Duval's New World Café wants to expand its alcoholic beverage options for patrons. Image from the website DUVAL'S WANTS PATRONS TO HAVE MORE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE OPTIONS, BUT IT IS WARY OF THE DESIGNATION IT NEEDS TO PROCEED QUESTIONS ABOUT A NEW 'NIGHTCLUB' This is not desirable to the continued development of the district for retail uses. There is also concern that an additional nightclub will further encourage this block of Main Street to c o n t i n u e d e v e l o p m e n t a s a n 'entertainment' block. Norm Gollub Economic Development Coordinator City of Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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