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Last weekend, we marked our second anniversary. Those of you who have been readers from the beginning remem- ber that we started out with a blog site, publishing stories as we completed them. It was not until Sept. 21, 2012 that we launched the digital version of the News Leader. Of course, we celebrate that September anniversary as well, but April always will always be an extra special month for us. One of my closest friends recently sent me an article from The Washington Post about the demise of the Manassas News & Mes- senger in Prince William County, VA. One paragraph immediately caught my eye: "It's not that people aren't interested in their com- munities — local news usually ranks as the top priority in surveys — it's that the economics of the digital age work strongly against reporting about schools, cops and the folks down the street." People in Sarasota County are keenly interest- ed in their local news. Reporting those stories remains our mission, and doing it digitally en- ables us to provide far more comprehensive coverage than you will find in any print publi- cation. Sadly, in this modern era dominated by the Internet, about the only time a newspaper devotes a lot of "ink" to a story is when its reporters have undertaken a major investiga- tive series. For us, there is no column-inch limit dictated by a page layout. I would be truly remiss at this point if I did not offer a heartfelt thanks to all of you, our readers. Your support is what makes it a pleasure to create the News Leader each week. Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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