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On Feb. 19, the agent for a couple who wish to build a house on Siesta Key land that has been underwater in past decades asked for a postponement of a public hearing on their request. They need a variance for construction seaward of the county's Gulf Beach Setback Line (GBSL) to make their project a reality. William Merrill of the Icard Merrill firm in Sarasota told the com- missioners, "My client and a couple of neigh- bor property owners had discussions [as recently as the previous weekend] about some alternatives to what is being proposed today, and they would like additional time to be able to discuss that … to see if that is a fruitful discussion …" As it turns out, Merrill will be coming back to the County Commission next week with the very same peti- t i o n t h a t w a s o n t h e F e b . 1 9 b o a r d agenda. Reached by The Sarasota News Leader this week, he said of the effort to A county photo shows the lot at 162 Beach Road in 1948. Image courtesy Sarasota County AN OSPREY COUPLE WILL TRY ONCE AGAIN TO GET COUNTY COMMISSION APPROVAL TO CONSTRUCT A HOUSE ON SIESTA KEY LAND THAT HAS A HISTORY OF FLOODING BUILDING BEYOND THE SETBACK LINE All of us know that the Gulf Beach Setback Line is a last line of defense. Catherine Luckner Vice President Siesta Key Association By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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