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work out something different with the neigh- bors of the property at 162 Beach Road, "That hasn't come to fruition at this time. … We're going to be proceeding with the same plans filed with the county." Those plans call for a house and paver drive- way with construction a maximum of 176.5 feet seaward of the GBSL, according to a PowerPoint presentation prepared for the Feb. 19 meeting. The house would have two floors above ground level, each with 1,922 square feet of space, on the 7,652-square-foot lot. The design for the ground level calls for a footprint of 1,305 square feet. During the Feb. 19 meeting, to the dismay of several audience members, the commission- ers agreed, after discussion with the county attorney, to reschedule the hearing for April 23. They wanted to give Merrill a chance to try to work out something different. However, two Siesta residents who took the opportunity to address the commission expressed their displeasure. Bruce Appleton, who owns a condominium in The Terrace on Beach Road, pointed out that a lot of sea- sonal residents who might like to speak on the request would be gone by late April. Commission Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson and Commissioner Carolyn Mason urged those who could not be present on April 23 to email or write the board to make their views about the petition clear. THE BACKGROUND In January 2013, the County Commission unanimously turned down a request for a An aerial view shows the 162 Beach Road parcel in 2008. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader April 18, 2014 Page 64

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