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Three more projects came out of the May 7 meeting of the City of Sarasota's Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting with a clean review. The DRC screens plans for engineering, zoning and code problems. Once a project gets a "sign off," the developer generally is headed to the Planning Board for the next approval stage; in some cases, though, a project team can go ahead and seek a b u i l d i n g p e r m i t . Some plans need only "administrative review" by staff. The Wednesday meeting saw a sign-off on Mary Lee's plans for a loading dock, con- servation facility and employee restroom at her Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy on the North Tamiami Trail. She ran into snags at the March 19 DRC meeting over a curb cut to the load- i n g d o c k a n d t h e need for the restroom Work is continuing at the site of the Aloft Hotel at Palm Avenue and Ringling Boulevard in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel MORE PROJECTS MOVING AHEAD CITY STAFF COMMITTEE SIGNS OFF ON PLANS BY DUVAL'S AND WHIMSY MUSEUM BUT SEEKS MORE INFORMATION ON BITER PROPOSAL You're asking us to sign off on a project we have not seen plans for. Gretchen Schneider Building and Zoning Official City of Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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