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On Monday, May 5, the Sarasota City Commission figuratively threw in its cards on Lift Station 87 and asked for a new deal. It is hard to tell how many millions were in the pot, because some equipment can be salvaged. The ante for the next hand will likewise run into the millions. The agenda item did not portend the magni- tude of the decision: "Status report Re: Lift Station No. 87 Project." Two weeks earlier, the commissioners told their utility staff and consulting engineer to come back on May 5 with designs to "bring some of the facilities aboveground," said Utilities Director Mitt Tidwell as he introduced the topic. When does your toilet stop working after a hurricane? At some point, it will. Suddenly, your house will not be so charming anymore. This indecipherable graphic only hints at your expected sorrows. The city has 60-plus lift stations, and each one has a slightly different vulnerability to flooding. Image courtesy McKim & Creed 'THE LIFT STATION FROM HELL' ANALYSIS: THE CITY COMMISSION AGREES THAT LIFT STATION 87 SHOULD UNDERGO A TOTAL REDESIGN By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Vulnerability Analysis Hurricane Evacuation Areas

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