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funds to enable it to renovate the facility as an energy-efficient, state-of-the-art meet- ing place. The house is located at 4454 Beneva Road in Sarasota. Those renovations were supposed to have been completed by May 13. A staff memo says, "Substantial work has taken place pursuant to this grant," and the institute "has been soliciting other like-kind donations and grants, and has exceeded [its] goals. Permitting of the project with assis- tance from a volunteer labor force, however, has taken longer than anticipated ..." The grant was extended to Sept. 30. CONSERVATION EASEMENT On Sept. 28, 2011, the County Commission approved a Coastal Setback Variance peti- tion for the construction of an elevated pool and deck for the house at 436 Beach Road on Siesta Key, a staff memo explains. However, on May 23, 2012, the 12th Judicial Circuit Court overturned that action. However, several years earlier — on May 9, 2007 — the County Commission approved a pool at grade level. All construction was to be a maximum of 30 feet seaward of the Gulf Beach Setback Line, according to the memo. Because that variance remained valid, the owner of the house went ahead and A flag marks the house at 436 Beach Road on Siesta Key. The conservation easement is seaward of the pool. Image from Google Maps Sarasota News Leader May 9, 2014 Page 70

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