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A PROPOSAL FOR PARKING PERMITS FOR SIESTA RESIDENTS GETS SHOT DOWN; 'NO PARKING' SIGNS WILL BE COMING SOON TO A SECTION OF NORTH SHELL ROAD; AND THE VILLAGE EASTER EGG HUNT WAS VERY POPULAR Siesta Seen SIESTA SEEN Siesta Key Association (SKA) President Michael Shay summed up a major topic of discussion during his organization's May 1 meeting: "The season's over, so, hopefully, it will quiet down." He was referring to the never-ending park- ing ordeal on the island, for which Avenida de Mayo has been the "poster child" over the past year. Sgt. Scott Osborne of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office mentioned Avenida de Mayo during his report at the outset of the meet- ing. County staff had replaced signs marking the no-parking zones on the street, Osborne pointed out, and he understood more signs would be erected to try to improve compliance. During his remarks later in the meeting, Shay mentioned that no-parking zones would be By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Like father, like son: Visitors strolling through Siesta Village on the morning of May 6 find both their attentions directed toward Davidson Plaza. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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