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Details of an ambitious affordable housing project were unveiled on May 3 at the monthly meeting of the Coalition of Community Neighborhood Associations, the CCNA. The proponent, Harvey Vengroff, already owns more rental property than anybody else in Sarasota, and he wants to build 800 more units. Vengroff owns the 8 acres that comprise the former Stottlemyer & Shoemaker Co. lum- beryard northeast of the intersection of Fruitville Road and Lime Avenue. That site is now home to a boxing club, Bob's Train restaurant and business offices in the old lum- ber firm structure. Last year, Vengroff said he was giving up on Sarasota and moving to Belize in Central America. He put his $75 million real estate portfolio up for sale. Part of the reason for his planned reloca- tion was resistance in City Hall to his 800- unit housing proposal. "For all the reasons that people came to Eight hundred units never looked so good. Of course, this is just a rendering, a 'pie-in-the-sky' design. Image courtesy Fleet Capital Group Inc. AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT HARVEY VENGROFF PROPOSES A NEW 800-UNIT RENTAL COMPLEX NORTHEAST OF FRUITVILLE ROAD AND LIME AVENUE The obstacles are the city's comprehensive plan and city approval of 100 units per acre. Harvey Vengroff Entrepreneur Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor NEWS

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