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The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is ask- ing the public for assistance in identifying a young couple suspected of stealing a wallet and buying gift cards at a nearby store, the office has announced. The victim's wallet was reportedly taken from her purse on April 23 while she worked at a Gulf Gate area consignment store, a news release says. She recalled that a white male and female were in the store around noon, try- ing to sell her a Coach purse, the release adds. While the deputy was taking the crime report, Publix managers reported the fraudulent use of the victim's credit cards at the store in the 3400 block of Clark Road, the release notes. The male suspect allegedly used the stolen American Express and Visa cards to buy two $100 gift cards and a pack of gum, the release continues. The female suspect tried to buy two gift cards with the stolen Discover card but was asked for her ID, it adds. She said she was going to her car to get it but never returned, the release says. The suspects are described as a female in her 20s with long brown hair and a male in his 20s with brown hair and tattoos on both of his legs. "They were trying to disguise them- selves by wearing hats and sunglasses," the release notes. Anyone with information on the suspects in the accompanying photos is asked to call Criminal Investigations at 861-4952 or Crime Stoppers at 366-TIPS (8477) or to go online at The female suspect in the case of a wallet theft is shown in a video from a Publix store on Clark Road. Contributed image PUBLIC'S HELP SOUGHT IN IDENTIFYING TWO SUSPECTS CRIME BLOTTER

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