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The Downtown Improvement District (DID) meeting drew a crowd Tuesday morning, May 13. A bevy of downtown residents showed up to hear a report on the status and future of the historic DeMarcay Hotel on Palm Avenue. They found, as did the DID board members, a lot of uncertainty surrounding the old building. To a d d p o i g n a n c y, DID member Dr. Mark K a u f f m a n b r o u g h t along a framed photo of the building from its better days. Also in the frame was a scrap of paper he found in the two-story structure. It listed the room rates: $7 per week for a sin- gle person; $10 for two. The building now stands empty and gutted. A recent sale got rid of the interior furnishings, including architectural elements. The future is uncertain. Gretchen Schneider, general manager of planning and develop- ment services for the city, said that in 2007, the City Commission Gretchen Schneider of the city's Planning and Development Services Department briefs the DID on the paperwork status of the tower approved at the old DeMarcay Hotel. Photo by Stan Zimmerman STAYING UP OR COMING DOWN? THE DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BOARD VOICES CONCERNS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE HISTORIC DEMARCAY HOTEL PROPERTY AND HAS TO BACKTRACK ON A LETTER OPPOSING PARKING METERS We're concerned about the sudden demolition of the building. Dr. Mark Kauffman Member Downtown Improvement District By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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