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Siesta Seen SIESTA SEEN May 12 was an exciting day on Siesta Public Beach, Allan Worms, a wildlife biologist, told me late that afternoon. One new Snowy Plover nest was discovered the previous night, while a second one was reported that morning, he said. Worms and another Sarasota Audubon volun- teer, Dick Miles, were out on the beach about 6:15 a.m. Monday — "as soon as it was light enough to see" — to help set up stakes and string around the nest to protect it and its sol- itary egg from people. SNOWY PLOVERS AND LEAST TERNS ARE BUSY NESTING ON THE BEACH; NIGHTTIME WORK IS UNDER WAY ON THE STICKNEY POINT ROAD BRIDGE; AND A SWIMMER IS RESCUED AT THE BEACH A sign explains that buffering of an area near Access 5 on Siesta Public Beach is designed to protect beach nesting birds. All photos by Rachel Hackney By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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