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Barbetta noted the potential for even more development on the county's parking-garage site on Ringling Boulevard if the bus station was constructed there. Chairman Charles Hines said the relocation would be "looking ahead to those future needs" such as an expanded jail and more floors in the county parking garage. "This all ties together really well," Hines noted. The details have to be worked out, though. Because the bus station would straddle county and city parcels, a property survey is necessary to determine exactly whose land it would sit on, Gable told the commissioners. Patterson pointed out that an old debate between elected county and city leaders could evolve into a new partnership. She added that previous city commissioners initially did not want the station built on Lemon Avenue. Therefore, if the county relocated the facility, the city might become a partner in the effort. Where to put the station "was kind of a dispute between the county and the city," Patterson explained. "[The city commissioners] may be sufficiently pleased so as to not be so very concerned if this ends up [partially] on city property." The county commissioners directed staff to start work on hiring a design firm that has experience in bus transfer stations. The firm would look at both the cost of the new station and the expense of any changes in operations, Gable told the board. UNKNOWN IMPACTS TO RIDERS Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson and Commissioner Carolyn Mason did voice con- cern about when residents would be able The County Commission worked on facilities issues as well as budget matters during its May 16 workshop. Photo by Norman Schimmel Sarasota News Leader May 23, 2014 Page 24

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