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Three 5-0 votes and a 4-1 split of the Sarasota County Commission cleared the way this week for the widening of 1.68 miles of Bee Ridge Road to four lanes, from Mauna Loa Boulevard to east of Bent Tree Boulevard, and the reconstruction of the two-lane road from Bent Tree to Iona Road. The resurfacing of t h e 0 . 9 3 - m i l e s e g - ment from Bent Tree B o u l e v a r d t o I o n a Road will include the addition of bike lanes, a 10-foot sidewalk on the south side of the road, LED street light- ing and reconstruction of the Iona Road/Bee Ridge Road Extension intersection as a sin- gle-lane roundabout. The completion of all the work is expected in the early summer of 2016. The $22,019,093.83 p r o j e c t c o n t r a c t w e n t t o W e s t r a Construction Corp. Only one person spoke during the public hear- ing on county funding A graphic shows how a section of the new four-lane segment of Bee Ridge Road will appear from Mauna Loa Boulevard to Middlesex Place. Image courtesy Sarasota County WIDENING BEE RIDGE ROAD THE COUNTY COMMISSION AWARDS A CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT FOR IMPROVEMENTS FROM MAUNA LOA BOULEVARD TO IONA ROAD, WITH THE WORK SET TO BE FINISHED IN 2016 Usually, they say a pregnancy goes nine months. This one will be nine years …. John Pecilunas Chairman Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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