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The commissioners agreed unanimously to pursue the ITN, asking that a draft be brought back to them for approval. MULTI-MODAL FEE SQUEAKS BY Just how much should an impact fee cover? Should it pay for all improvements required by a new development or just some? The county is wrestling with this question under the guise of "fiscal neutrality." A little flavor of that issue came up Monday evening after a public hearing on the city's proposal to replace traffic impact fees (which pay only for roadway improvements) with multi-modal impact fees (that can be used for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, mass transit schemes, etc.). While there is strong support on the City Commission to switch to the multi-modal concept, the board split on how far it would go. A motion to require new development to pay "full, real costs" failed 2-3 (Mayor Willie Shaw and Vice Mayor Susan Chapman in the minority). It was followed by a motion to accept the staff proposal, which is based on the current county transportation impact fee schedule, using a partial-pay system. That passed on a 3-2 vote, with Shaw and Chapman again in the minority. The decision is one more step in the lengthy jour- ney for the city to divorce itself from the narrow uses of traffic impact fees to the multi-modal plan with a greater variety of purposes. % The city attorney will work on a revised ordinance regarding hours of operation at city parks in the wake of vandalism at Payne Park's circus-themed playground. Sarasota News Leader May 23, 2014 Page 58

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