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which never has had sand removed from it, as well as to the groins' construction.) "I would really like to just have staff look at it [first]," Robinson continued. "I totally agree with Commissioner Robinson," Commissioner Joe Barbetta said of resched- uling the board's discussion of the Corps of Engineers' materials. Regarding Patterson's proposal about hiring a consultant, he added, "I don't think we're anywhere near that stage yet." He stressed, "Lido Beach is falling into the water right now, and it's not good." (See the related item in News Briefs this week.) He also agreed with Robinson's concern that "too many people in this community make decisions … before the facts are out." Barbetta added, "Maybe we end up with the third party [to review the materials] and maybe we don't. But to talk about that now is just totally premature." Chairman Charles Hines told Harmer, "We need to find time [for the board discussion]," without consideration of any other factors right now. "I concur," Commissioner Carolyn Mason said. "I actually agree with you," Patterson responded, adding that a June presentation of the material by staff, while the board is still crafting its 2015 fiscal year budget, would be the best time to consider options. Patterson also defended the groups that have issued position statements on the Corps of Engineers' proposal. "They didn't really have [public opinions] prior to hearing any details," she pointed out. "There were some pretty elaborate presentations by the Army Corps to various groups [last year], and it's pretty nat- ural [for concerns to arise], especially given the history of this particular proposal, which goes way, way back, with a lot of citizens' angst connected to it." Save Our Siesta Sand 2 is modeled on an orga- nization that opposed a proposal to dredge Big Pass in the early 1990s for a Venice renourish- ment project. Harmer reminded the commissioners that one challenge they and staff have faced has been numerous delays in the release of the Corps of Engineers' materials. "We've been antici- pating this report for some time," he said. "The time frame keeps getting pushed out." At the end of the May 16 workshop, Harmer told the board he had met with Wreford and Matt Osterhoudt, acting director of the coun- ty's Natural Resources Department, during the lunch break. They will work on a June pre- sentation, Harmer added, but they still were nervous about how much time they will have to review the Corps of Engineers documents' beforehand. "We're still reliant on when the report is actually provided," Harmer pointed out. "We don't control that." During a Sept. 18, 2013 presentation to the county's Coastal Advisory Board, the Corps of Engineers' project manager, Mora, indicated the federal agency would be able to start the state permitting process in late October or early November of 2013. Then, on Dec. 5, 2013, he told members of the Siesta Key Association that the Army Corps expected to start the permitting process in late January or early February. Subsequently, the timeline for releasing the new modeling materials has been pushed back several times. % Sarasota News Leader May 23, 2014 Page 63

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