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High Noon Guns], admitted to the crime and told detectives the guns were at his home," the release continues. Detectives obtained a search warrant and recovered the stolen property, it adds. Walker-Schmoyer was also identified as the suspect who tried to steal a television from Evie's Tavern on the Range on Bee Ridge Road Saturday morning. When he was unable to pull the TV off the wall, "he took an American flag instead, which detectives also recovered," the release notes. He is charged with one count of Armed Burglary and one count of Burglary. Wyatt Pierce, 53, a transient, was charged with a felony count of Residential Burglary after he confessed to Sarasota Police Department detectives that "he stole a large amount of jewelry" from a home on Hibiscus Street in Sarasota, the office has announced. "Pierce has a substantial criminal history," a news release says, including 25 felony arrests, 16 felony convictions, 11 misdemeanor arrests and seven misdemeanor convictions. He was released from prison in September 2012 after a conviction for Dealing in Stolen Property and Fraud, the release adds. On May 8, a woman reported a burglary at her home, located at 2741 Hibiscus St. in Sarasota, the report says. Officers found a rear sliding glass door to the residence was open, and the woman discovered her jewelry box was miss- ing from the master bedroom. She told the officers the box contained numerous pieces with a total value of about $150,000, accord- ing to the report. The woman also said she and her boyfriend had hired Pierce the previous week to do yard work, for which she had paid him $40, the report notes. On May 10, detectives talked with acquain- tances of Pierce, one of whom told them Pierce had called, asking if the man would like to buy some jewelry, the report adds. The acquaintance purchased two watches from Pierce and later turned them over to detec- tives, it says. On May 10, Pierce was arrested on an unre- lated warrant and transported to the Sarasota Police Department, where he was inter- viewed by detectives and charged with felony Residential Burglary. HOMELESS MAN CHARGED WITH STEALING JEWELRY FROM HOME Wyatt Pierce/Contributed photo Sarasota News Leader May 23, 2014 Page 93

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