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With May 22 marking the end of the first 100 days of Tom Harmer's tenure as the new Sarasota County administrator, he sent out a memo thanking county staff for their commit- ment and stating why that period of new organizational leader- ship is so important. "The idea that the first 100 days defines change originated in 1933, when Franklin D . R o o s e v e l t t o o k office amid the Great Depression," he wrote. Roosevelt called for a special session of Congress that lasted 100 days and passed 15 separate bills, forming the basis of the New Deal. H a r m e r, w h o o f f i - cially took the top a p p o i n t e d c o u n t y post on Feb. 12, fol- lowing brief contract discussions, also sent his employees a list of 100 projects under- taken during his first months on the job. He County Administrator Tom Harmer offers remarks during the Jan. 22 groundbreaking for improvements at the Siesta Public Beach Park. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE FIRST 100 DAYS COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR TOM HARMER HIGHLIGHTS COUNTY ACHIEVEMENTS AS HE MARKS A MILESTONE IN THE TOP APPOINTED POST IN COUNTY GOVERNMENT This budget process has been like night and day. I am very pleased with the w a y M r. H a r m e r i s l e a d i n g t h i s budget process. Christine Robinson Vice Chairwoman Sarasota County Commission By Roger Drouin County Editor

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