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The star-studded Oscars "selfie" might be the single most famous in the world, but it has nothing on Selby Library's recent selfie, which was taken for a good cause and has achieved its own place in the global spotlight. L a u r i e B a t e s - We i r, web services librarian for Sarasota County, s n a p p e d t h e l o c a l photo on Earth Day last month, moments b e f o r e t h e l i b r a r y o p e n e d . S h e w a s surprised that after posting it to NASA's Flickr page, the selfie made it into a short video comprising images taken of people at work around the world. The video was created and posted by NASA on May 21. The Selby shot ran alongside photos snapped at Microsoft, Sesame Street's studio, the Weather Channel, a research area on the edge of Antarctica and an office in Qatar. "It's definitely global," Bates-Weir said of the exposure. The famous shot: Selby Library staff snapped this selfie at 9:45 a.m. on Earth Day, just before the library opened. Contributed photo 'SELFIE' SUPPORT FOR THE EARTH A SELBY LIBRARY PHOTO WAS AMONG THOSE CHOSEN OUT OF MORE THAN 50,000 TO BE PART OF A NASA VIDEO I thought this is a great way to commemorate Earth Day, and a neat way to make a connection with staff and our patrons — and the whole world too. Laurie Bates-Weir Web Services Librarian Sarasota County By Roger Drouin County Editor

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