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CONTENTS Vol. 2, No. 37 — May 30, 2014 THE CITY AND ITS NOISE Q&A: RAY PORTER NEWS THE CITY AND ITS NOISE 7 The City Commission on June 2 will consider the latest proposed sound ordinance and handle an array of other items, from street improvements associated with a new hotel to a potential extension of the Sarasota Keys program — Rachel Brown Hackney Q&A: RAY PORTER 14 Democratic County Commission candidate knows he's in a tough battle, but remains 'confident' — Cooper Levey-Baker PENALTY HEARING SCHEDULED 20 With 10 'punch list' items unresolved, representatives of Bob's Boathouse are told to appear again before a Special Code Enforcement Magistrate on July 25 — Rachel Brown Hackney THE FIRST 100 DAYS 28 County Administrator Tom Harmer highlights county achievements as he marks a milestone in the top appointed post in county government — Roger Drouin 'SELFIE' SUPPORT FOR THE EARTH 36 A Selby Library photo was among those chosen out of more than 50,000 to be part of a NASA video — Roger Drouin BIDDING FOR THE SPRINGS' FUTURE 39 Four firms have responded to an Invitation to Negotiate over the long-term operation and potential development of Warm Mineral Springs — Rachel Brown Hackney POINT/COUNTERPOINT OVER NOISE 42 Bob's Boathouse and Sarasota County trade motions over provisions of the county's revised noise ordinance in misdemeanor cases involving two restaurant managers — Rachel Brown Hackney TABLE OF CONTENTS Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article COVER PHOTO CREDIT Front Cover: Tramonto Infuocato - Norman Schimmel

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