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For one, it was an event marking state and county recognition for his 25 years of preserv- ing and popularizing Sarasota history. For the other, it was a time to accept an outpouring of accolades upon his retirement. On May 20, the Sarasota County Commission h o n o r e d c o u n t y History Specialist Jeff LaHurd for receiving the 2014 Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. A day later, each of the commissioners offered heartfelt thanks to Sarasota County Fire Department Chief and Emergency Services Director Mike Tobias, who was leaving after a 35-year career with the Fire Department. On May 20, Commission Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson g l a d l y t o o k t h e m i c r o p h o n e f r o m C h a i r m a n C h a r l e s Hines to tell the audi- ence, "This is a neat moment for me, per- sonally, because I'm a Jeff LaHurd fan," (From left) Jeff LaHurd, Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson and Lorrie Muldowney listen as Larry Reinebach offers remarks about LaHurd. Photo by Norman Schimmel PAYING TRIBUTE SARASOTA COUNTY HONORS ITS LONGTIME HISTORIAN AND PAYS A FOND FAREWELL TO ITS RETIRING FIRE CHIEF Having lived in the area since 1950, Mr. LaHurd is a walking history book of Sarasota County and an invaluable resource to the community. Christine Robinson Vice Chairwoman Sarasota County Commission By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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