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Mattison's City Grille, which provides outdoor entertainment only, has not been the subject of noise complaints in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel For decades, there has been a division down- town. To play on the words of an old beer argument: more music, less noise. For more than a year, City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo tried to find a magic brew to bridge the two sides. But compromise was not on tap. On Monday, June 2, City Attorney Bob Fournier trot- ted out a rewrite o f t h e c i t y 's Sound Control Ordinance, com- monly referred to as the noise ordinance. "It t a k e s i n t o account the citizens' comments, and there were a lot of them," he said. The commission- ers agreed to set a public hearing in the fall for the new plan. Once again, the "usual suspects" trooped to the microphone. "Music is my live- l i h o o d , " s a i d s i n g e r Tw i n k l e Yo c h i m . " We ' d l i k e t o w o r k w i t h y o u t o b r i n g t h i s t o s o m e kind of doable c o n v e r s a t i o n t h a t d o e s n ' t p u t u s o u t o f work." NEW NOISE ORDINANCE COMING THE CITY COMMISSION WILL HOLD A PUBLIC HEARING IN THE FALL We haven't had any complaints; we haven't had any issues. The one time we had a complaint, we weren't even open. It was someone else. Paul Mattison Owner Mattison's City Grille Downtown Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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