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Some weeks, when not as much seems to be happening, we al- most have a sense of "scrapping" with other publications for sto- ries. Our goal is not just to find topics other reporters seem to be missing but also to seek different angles on events that have drawn the competition. Of course, every editor likes to think her staff members are the best at what they do. I certainly feel that way about my team! And I feel more than justified in my view, given the efforts they put into their work. This issue does have a number of variations on recurring themes, but I believe they are worth your perusal because of the way we have approached them. One of my biggest recurring themes in this space is our striving to help you be as well informed about your community as you possibly can be. And some of the tidbits in those stories can make for interesting discussion among you and your friends — from a mass transit advo- cate's take on moving the downtown bus trans- fer station to New College's reaction to Gov. Rick Scott's budget vetoes to the latest twists on the effort to implement recycling in Siesta Village. Amid the "Yogi Berra" articles, you will see Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker's re- port on World Environment Day. We were grateful the program's timing enabled us to cover it for this issue. As far as I am con- cerned, climate change is one of the most pressing concerns the Earth faces. All of us who reside in this coastal county truly need to be aware of what is happening. Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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