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If a major storm were to hit the region, the barrier islands would not be the only areas d e a l i n g w i t h t h e impact. " T h i s c a n a f f e c t a huge portion of the c o u n t y, " S a r a s o t a C o u n t y 's C o a s t a l Resources Manager Laird Wreford told the county commissioners Wednesday, June 11, referring to a natural disaster. To illustrate the point, W r e f o r d s h o w e d them a map of the county with five evac- u a t i o n z o n e s . T h e bright swaths of color have no alignment to Sarasota County Coastal Resources Manager Laird Wreford showed the commissioners this map, which uses color-coding to indicate the various evacuation zones across the county. Image courtesy Sarasota County POST-STORM BLUEPRINT THE COUNTY COMMISSION GETS AN UPDATE ON PLANNING FOR THE AFTERMATH OF A MAJOR DISASTER This is a preliminary discussion. It will come back to you in October for formal adoption. Laird Wreford Manager Coastal Resources By Roger Drouin County Editor

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