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James Armour will not take "No" for an answer. After the Sarasota County Commission turned him down flat, 5-0, he went to the Sarasota City Commission for another 3-2 loss. All that happened last year. Now he is at the city's Board of Adjustment. If he loses there, the next step is Circuit Court. What does he want so badly? He wants to dock his boat next to his house, but, unfor- tunately, the channel connecting navigable water to his dock filled in long, long ago. He is asking for a "maintenance dredging permit" for a channel cut originally in the 1920s. Sarasota County turned him down on the sim- ple grounds that the channel no longer exists. His request forced the City Commission to decide if it wanted to exert jurisdiction over such requests or let the county handle them. The city decided to assume the responsibility, and Armour's was the first such petition. As we reported last July, Armour's law- yer, Deborah Getzoff, f a i l e d t o c o n v i n c e Consultant Kristina Tignor points out details of the old channel for members of the city's Board of Adjustment. Photo by Stan Zimmerman BIG BOAT, SHALLOW WATER A BAY SHORE ROAD HOMEOWNER APPEALS TO THE SARASOTA BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT IN A CASE INVOLVING THE NAVIGABILITY OF A CHANNEL Our information is from a 2005 survey. I have not reviewed it very much. Kristina Tignor Consultant Tignor Group By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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